Global rank
Domain Count
3.3 Million

Xinnet, Founded in 1993, is an internet infrastructure and application service provider in China. Xinnet is focused on providing basic internet service to enterprises, which covers domain service, hosting service, enterprise email system, website building for the enterprise, cloud server, co-location.

Xinnet domain registrar ranks #16 among all domain registrars in the world. Currently, there are 3.3 Million domain names registered with Xinnet.

The most registered domain extension at Xinnet is .COM with 1.6 Million domain names.

Top country by domain registration at Xinnet is China with 776.1 Thousand.

Other names of Xinnet:
- xinnet
- xin net technology corporation
- xin net corp
- xin net technology corp.
- xinnet technology corporation
- xinnet technology
- 北京新网数码信息技术有限公司

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