Global rank
Domain Count
5.4 Million

GMO is an Internet services provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is the registry provider for 51 TLDs such as .id, .shop and .tokyo.

GMO is one of the biggest companies for domain names and web hosting services in Japan. Its domain registration business is GMO also provides TLD backend registry services for new gTLDs and brand TLDs such as .canon and .toshiba.

GMO Internet, Inc. has more than 100 companies worldwide for different business areas and operations.

GMO domain registrar ranks #10 among all domain registrars in the world. Currently, there are 5.4 Million domain names registered with GMO.

The most registered domain extension at GMO is .COM with 2.2 Million domain names.

Top country by domain registration at GMO is Japan with 5.1 Million.

Other names of GMO:
- gmo internet, inc. dba
- gmo internet, inc.
- gmo internet, inc. d/b/a
- gmo internet inc dba
- gmo internet inc.d/b/a
- gmo internet inc
- gmo internet, inc
- gmo
- gmo brights consulting inc.
- gmo registry
- pdt-gmoregistrar
- gmo domain registry inc.
- gmo registry, inc.
- gmo registry inc.

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