Russian Federation
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4.2 Million
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.ru is the Latin alphabet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Russian Federation. The .ru extension was introduced on April 7, 1994, by the Russian registry Russian Institute for Public Networks. In 2002, the administration of .ru ccTLD was handed over to Coordination Center for TLD RU.

In September 2012, .ru ccTLD reached 4 million domain names. In November 2015, the number of .RU domain names reached 5 million.

You can register your domain name directly under .ru, or with second-level TLDs such as .com.ru, .net.ru, and .org.ru. Also, there are second-level extensions for federal subjects of Russia: .mos.ru, .penza.ru, .mosreg.ru.

.ru domain names are very popular in Russia. Only Latin letters can be used in a .ru domain name, internationalized domain names aren't allowed.

.RU domain extension ranks #11 among all domain extensions, and #6 among all country-code extensions (ccTLDs). Currently, there are 4.2 Million registered .ru domain names. Coordination Center for TLD RU is the registry of .ru extension.

The oldest (still exists) .ru domain name is cig.ru, and it was registered on 10 September 1996.

The most popular .ru domain name is yandex.ru. Its worldwide rank is 57.

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