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.ORG, as a generic top-level domain (gTLD) of the Domain Name System (DNS) used on the Internet, was established in 1985. It is managed by Public Interest Registry (PIR), a non-profit organization established by the Internet Society (ISOC) in 2002. It has been administered by PIR (Public Interest Registry) since 2003.

The domain is generally used by schools, open-source projects, and communities, but also by some for-profit entities. The number of registered domains in .org has reached one million in the 1990s, to ten million in 2012, and held steady between ten and eleven million since then.

In November 2019, the Internet Society agreed to sell the Public Interest Registry (PIR) to Ethos Capital for US$1.135 billion. The sale was postponed first, then canceled by ICANN.

.ORG domain extension ranks #4 among all domain extensions, and #3 among all generic extensions (gTLDs). Currently, there are 10.7 Million registered .org domain names. Public Interest Registry (PIR) is the registry of .org extension.

The oldest (still exists) .org domain name is mitre.org, and it was registered on 10 July 1985.

The most popular .org domain name is wikipedia.org. Its worldwide rank is 13.

.ORG domains are most popular in United States. Canada and Germany are the other countries that have most .org domain registrations.

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