Register a .in domain today!

.in is the ccTLD for India. IANA initially delegated the ccTLD in the DNS root zone in 1989. The National Centre for Software Technology (NCST) was the sponsoring organization and initially served as the manager and operator of the .in ccTLD.

.IN domain extension ranks #22 among all domain extensions, and #14 among all country-code extensions (ccTLDs). Currently, there are 2 Million registered .in domain names. National Internet eXchange of India is the registry of .in extension.

The oldest (still exists) .in domain name is, and it was registered on 02 January 2002.

The most popular .in domain name is Its worldwide rank is 44.

.IN domains are most popular in India. United States and Germany are the other countries that have most .in domain registrations.

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