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Top Domain Sales of April 2020


Top Domain Sales of April 2020

Top Domain Sales April 2020

There are 6 domain sales over $50,000 and 99 domain sales over $10,000 in April 2020. The most expensive domain sale was at $91,183. 12 of the top 20 sales are .com and there are 2 country code domains in the list.

We see five 3-letter .com domain names, some only-digit domain names, and three 2-letter .de domain names this month.

Two of the most expensive 6-digit .com (public) domain name sales of all-time have taken place this month. is the most expensive country-code domain name sale in this month. 

Top 20 Domain Sales of April 2020 

therapists.com91,183 USD
corium.com73,418 USD
666777.com65,500 USD
webmonkey.com65,500 USD
punks.com60,000 USD
787.cc51,000 USD
cappuccino.com49,000 USD
999555.com44,000 USD
88889.com41,500 USD
pleased.com40,000 USD
searcher.com40,000 USD
2633.com37,000 USD
fww.com35,000 USD
3049.com33,600 USD
wi.de32,545 USD
stillness.com30,000 USD
stellarhealth.com30,000 USD
camellia.com30,000 USD
siku.com25,500 USD
eventdesigner.com23,400 USD – $91,183

Buckley Media, a domain brokerage company founded by Kate Buckley, brokered the most expensive domain name of the month, for $91,183. The domain name was sold before in 2010 for $50,000

More than 70 extensions of “therapists” are registered and 18 of them are for sale on several domain name marketplaces. was registered in 1997 and parked at Sedo before it was sold. 

3 other extensions of “therapists” was sold before:

  • – 3,900 USD – 2008
  • – 3,500 USD – 2007
  • – 1,280 USD – 2010 – $73,418 was sold for $73,418 at Sedo. More than 50 different extensions of “corium” are registered and 4 of them are for sale. 

Corium has some different meanings such as skin layer in Latin and the name of an ancient town in Greece. It was probably bought for its brandability. 

It now has a registrar parking page on it. – $65,500

6-digit .com domain names are so popular in China. The 6-digit domain names with a pattern like XXXYYY or XXYYZZ are even more valuable. The amount of this domain name’s sale also proves that. 

Some of the other domains that have the same pattern and sold before:

  • – $10,000
  • – $7,827
  • – $5,051 was sold for $65,500 at GoDaddy, and it’s the most expensive sale for a 6-digit .com domain name according to

The domain name owned by a Chinese registrant before is now owned by an American company named Farmer Brown Insurance according to public Whois records. – $65,500 was owned by Wired before. They didn’t renew it and the domain name was sold at NameJet for $65,000. Wired had a website on the domain name which they publish tutorials and news on web development. Here is a screenshot from 2015: was Wired's website. - screenshot from 2015 - top domain sales of April 2020

The ownership information for this domain name is private now. The homepage shows a contact page and a logo of the probable website. – $60,000 was sold at Sedo for $60,000. The domain name was sold before in 2009 for $13,000 at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. domain auctions. 

There are more than 50 different extensions registered with the word “punks,” and 9 of them for sale. 

The domain name was registered in 1996, and its previous owner was a domain investing company from Luxembourg. Its new owner is from Poland. – $51,000 was sold at Dynadot for $51,000. It’s also the third most expensive .cc domain name. The first three most expensive .cc domains: 

  • – $70,000
  • – $70,000
  • – $51,000

Its registration year was 2005 before it has dropped, then caught by and sold at Dynadot. The new owner of the domain name is Chinese as we can see in its index. – $49,000

A Spanish restaurant and hotel chain bought for $49,000

The term “cappuccino” is registered with more than 100 extensions and 17 of them are for sale on domain marketplaces. was registered in 1995 and most probably sold by well-known domain investor Elliot Silver’s company Top Notch Domains. Elliot shared how he acquired the domain name in a blog post published in 2018. was sold for $1,079 in March 2020. – $44,000

Another 6-digit domain name sale for this month is which was sold for $44,000 at NameJet. It’s the second most expensive 6-digit .com domain sale of all-time. 

The new owner of the domain name is from China. It’s now redirecting to, a Chinese domain sales platform. – $41,500 was sold for $41,500 at GoDaddy. This is the sixth most expensive 5-digit .com domain name sale of all time. The new owner is Chinese. 

The domain name was sold before in 2010, for $12,119 at Sedo. – $40,000

Braden Pollock, a veteran domain investor, sold for $40,000 to an individual who lives in Dubai. 

The term “pleased” is registered with more than 35 extensions and 13 of them are for sale. was sold before for $155 in 2016. 

The domain name was registered in 1997 and there’s a parking page on it. – $40,000 was sold for $40,000 on 2 April 2020 at Sedo. This domain name was sold before in 2008 for $32,000

There are more than 7,500 registered domain names that contain “searcher.” The word “searcher” is also registered with more than 55 extensions and 15 of them are for sale. 

.net and .org versions of this domain name were sold before in 2007-2008. Their prices were:

  • – $1,500
  • – $613

We used Namebio for all the domain sales data in this analysis. It’s a wonderful resource to understand the domain name industry.

Domain sales of April 2020 weren’t that powerful as in March 2020. We saw lots of sales over $100,000 in March. We’ll continue to publish analysis to keep you updated on the domain industry. 

Do you also want to know what happened in the domain name industry in April 2020? Check out the April 2020 Domain Industry Report

What do you think will it be in May 2020? Please share your comments below.



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