Don’ts of Choosing a Domain Name in 2020

A new project, a new brand or investment for your company. No matter what purpose you register a domain name for, there are things you shouldn’t do...
First Domain Names of Top Websites
Interesting Facts

Do You Know the First Domain Names of These Top Sites?

Every entrepreneur likes to start with a generic and .com-extension domain, but it is not always possible. That is why entrepreneurs are forced to expand the domain that they want with various extensions, perform domain...
Country Code Top Level Domains - ccTLD

Everything About Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

Domain extensions are generally made up of two categories: gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) and ccTLDs (Country Code Top-Level Domains). gTLDs are managed by commercial organizations and ccTLDs are the ones that are co...
Internationalized Domain Names - IDN Punycode

Internet in All Languages: Internationalized Domain Names

When the DNS (Domain Name System) first entered into operation in 1983, only the characters in the Latin alphabet were allowed to be used. With this system, although the characters of different alphabets could have a pl...
Domain Names of Fortune 500 Companies

Domain Names of Fortune 500 Companies (US)

We have analyzed the domains of Fortune 500 companies, to gain insight into their domain preferences. As data were gathered, some interesting facts also got revealed. For example, 14 out of the first 100 registered doma...
First Oldest Domain Names
Interesting Facts

100 Oldest Domain Names & Their Current Status

First ever domain was registered in 1985. Many others were kept being registered since then. But what are the first used domains up to these days? Almost all of the first registered domains were the ones registered b...

Everything Starts with a Domain Name [Infographic]

34 years ago today, the first domain name was registered by a company called Symbolics Computer Corporation. More than one billion domain names were registered since 1985.We prepared an infographic for this special day. There are some interesting facts about domain names on that infographics. Enjoy ;)Note: All the information on the infographic was taken from Everything Starts With A Domain Name (Infographic)