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Namecheap: More Than a Domain Registrar


Namecheap: More Than a Domain Registrar

Namecheap More Than a Registrar

Namecheap is the world’s second-biggest registrar with 11 million registered domain names. It’s headquartered in the US and has more than 1000 employees. More than 2 million customers are using Namecheap. 

Story of Namecheap

Richard Kirkendall founded Namecheap in 2000 and is the CEO since then. The company is providing domain name registration, hosting packages and other services. 

Namecheap has reached 10 million domain names on September 5, 2018. The company announced its “unstoppable growth” with a blog post

Namecheap says its priority is privacy, freedom of speech and net neutrality. For this purpose, the company hosts Move Your Domain Name Day (MYDD) every year and donate the funds raised to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). 

Not Only a Domain Registrar

Namecheap Group Companies

Namecheap isn’t just a domain registrar. With other applications and websites, it’s also a software company that creates services for other companies. – Identity Verification is an identity verification platform that helps companies to verify the identity of customers. The system is developed by Namecheap and being used by domain companies Dynadot and Namecheap itself. Screenshot – Website Builder

Launchaco is a startup website builder acquired by Namecheap in 2018. Launchaco users could create their websites for free. Now, Launchaco’s tools such as website builder and logo maker can be found on Namecheap’s website. 

Launchaco Screenshot

EasyWP – WordPress Hosting is Namecheap’s managed WordPress hosting solution. Although it seems like a separate product, customers logs in on with their Namecheap accounts. 

EasyWP Screenshot

Namecheap’s Services

Namecheap provides some free handy tools too. 

Domain Name Marketplace

Namecheap has its own domain marketplace where its customers can list their domain names at. There are many domain names listed under $25 buy-it-now price on the marketplace.

There are no other types of listings like auctions or backorders on the domain marketplace. 

Namecheap Domain Marketplace

Free Features

Namecheap Domain Management

Whois Privacy: Namecheap offers free domain Whois privacy with domain registrations. 

FreeDNS: If your registrar doesn’t have a free DNS management service, you can point your nameservers to Namecheap servers and manage your DNS with it. 

Namecheap Blog

Namecheap publishes blog posts with useful tips for customers. Andrew Alleman of also writes for it. Here are our two favorite blog posts from the blog:

Namecheap for Education

Namecheap is giving free .me domain name for one year to university students with its education program. The details can be found on

Namecheap for Education

Logo & Business Card Maker

Namecheap’s free logo maker allows you to create basic logos for your website. Logos made with the tool can be downloaded without credits. 

Namecheap Logo Maker

When you completed designing your logo with the logo maker, you can also create your business cards with another tool.  

Namecheap Business Card Maker

Domain Prices at Namecheap

When you first hear Namecheap’s name, you probably thought they are providing the best prices in the business of domain names. Although their prices are reasonable, they are not the cheapest. 

.com domain renewal price at Namecheap is $13. Neither a very expensive price nor the best price. You can see the full pricing list here.

Namecheap accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, unlike many other domain registrars.



Namecheap The Second Biggest Registrar

Namecheap is the second biggest domain name registrar in the world. It comes after GoDaddy (70M) and is followed by Tucows (10.7M), Alibaba (9.5M) and Network Solutions (7.1M). You can see the full registrar list and domain counts on’s registrars page.

Namecheap Registered Extension Counts

.COM is the most registered extension at Namecheap. .XYZ is following it with almost 600 thousand domain names. Then, .net, .info and .org comes with 480, 460 and 420 thousand domain names respectively. 

Namecheap Registered Countries

Panama is the first country on the country list because Namecheap’s Whois privacy service points to Panama.

When we look at the other countries, we see the US, UK, Canada, and India with 1.6 million, 56 thousand, 45 thousand and 40 thousand domain names respectively. 

430,000 Namecheap domain names are listed for sale on various marketplaces. Also, more than 55,000 domain names are listed on Namecheap Marketplace. 

Namecheap Popular Websites

There are 46,457 domain names registered with Namecheap and listed in the Alexa Top 1 Million Websites. The most popular domain name registered with Namecheap is the image hosting website, The most popular 5 websites and global ranks are: 

  1. – 65
  2. – 112
  3. – 125
  4. – 172
  5. – 185

The oldest domain name currently registered with Namecheap is It’s also one of the Oldest 100 Domain Names.

  1. – 18 September 1986
  2. – 11 January 1989
  3. – 02 February 1989
  4. – 11 April 1989
  5. – 08 May 1989
Namecheap Discount Code

Namecheap has a new offer for who creates something from home. It’s offering .com domain registration as low as $5.88 with the new promo code. You can see all the offers here

Namecheap is a domain registrar that grows with new acquisitions and offers. The company seems very ambitious to continue growing more. 

Do you think Namecheap will keep its growth and compete with GoDaddy for the first place? Share your opinions in the comments below. 

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