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The World’s Biggest Registrar: GoDaddy


The World’s Biggest Registrar: GoDaddy

The World's Biggest Registrar

GoDaddy is the world’s biggest registrar by the number of registered domain names. It’s holding over 78 million domain names on behalf of its customers as stated on the about page. GoDaddy is headquartered in the US and has 14 offices worldwide. [1] It has more than 7,000 employees worldwide. 

GoDaddy was founded by Bob Parsons in 1997 in Maryland as Jomax Technologies. In 2006, the company changed its name to GoDaddy. Bob Parsons said was available at this time and he registered it. They chose GoDaddy as the new name because;

“When someone hears the name “GoDaddy” for the first time. 1: They smile. We like that. 2: They remember it. We love that.”

Bob Parsons

GoDaddy is serving its 19 million customers with its customer services with many languages from Chinese to Arabic. 

GoDaddy’s CEO, Aman Bhutani took over the position from the former CEO Scott W. Wagner on September 4, 2019.

Company Acquisitions

GoDaddy has bought many companies in recent years including the domain name marketplace Afternic (2013), business name generator NameFind (2013), WordPress management service ManageWP (2016), hosting company Host Europe Group (2016), website security company Sucuri (2017). 

On February 11, 2020, GoDaddy announced the acquisition of Uniregistry, one of its largest competitors. [2] This acquisition also includes more than 400,000 premium domain names. GoDaddy also has a big premium domain name portfolio it collected in the past years with acquisitions. 

On April 6, 2020, GoDaddy announced the acquisition of the registry business of Neustar. [3] With this acquisition, GoDaddy has become the registry (wholesaler) of .co, .us, .biz and .nyc and managing the technical operations of the new extensions such as .club and .loan. GoDaddy will change the registry business’ name as GoDaddy Registry.


GoDaddy has many tools to provide various services to its users. Its domain management interface is criticized from time to time for not being user-friendly for some customers, especially the ones who have thousands of domain names in their account. But it’s still being used by millions of users every day. 

GoDaddy Domain Management

GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy has its own domain marketplace where users can list their domain names for sale or bid on other domain name auctions. GoDaddy lists expiring domain name auctions from many other registrars, so thousands of valuable expiring domain names go up for auction and selling every day on GoDaddy Auctions. These expiring domain names go directly to the new owner’s GoDaddy account before they expire. 

GoDaddy Auctions

GoValue – GoDaddy Domain Appraisals Tool

GoDaddy’s domain name appraisals service GoValue shows the estimated value of a given domain name. It calculates the value with an algorithm that evaluates the extension, keyword, comparable domains sold and probably some other data. 

GoDaddy Domain Appraisals

GoValue also shows comparable domains sold which is very useful information for domain investors. This data is being collected from the sales on GoDaddy Auctions. You can see the sales of other similar domains that you can’t find any other place. 

This tool is criticized by domain investors from time to time for misleading potential buyers about pricing. GoDaddy is using those appraisals on GoDaddy Auctions pages and some other domain management pages. It’s surprising that when you enter an available domain name, it sometimes says it’s worth more than $1,000. (

GoDaddy Domain Appraisal

GoDaddy Garage

GoDaddy has its blog named GoDaddy Garage. There are opinions and advice from many experts such as Paul Nicks, Joe Styler, Michael Cyger and Bill Sweetman.

Here are our 3 favorite blog posts from GoDaddy Garage:

GoDaddy Whois Lookup

If you ever want to know the owner of a domain name registered with GoDaddy, you know they aren’t giving the ownership information directly via the Whois servers. You have to go to and enter the domain name there. If the domain name isn’t protected by GoDaddy’s Whois privacy service, it will say who owns the domain name. 

GoDaddy Whois Search

Domain Prices

Domain registration prices at GoDaddy start from $12 for the first year. It’s not cheap but it’s also offering 24/7 customer service in many languages. 

GoDaddy’s target audience is entrepreneurs who register domain names for their businesses. 

You can see GoDaddy’s full pricing table here

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club

GoDaddy offers a discount program that takes annual payment to make discounts on domain renewals for almost all extensions. Customers can pay $120 for a year of subscription and get .com domain renewals for only $8.4. This price is very good when you think its full price is $18/year. This is a great offer for domain investors and entrepreneurs who have many domain names in their GoDaddy account. 


GoDaddy got its domain extension with its name (.godaddy) in 2016 but never used it. The only registered domain with this extension, redirects to a help page on says: 

“As the world leader in domain names, we’re excited to launch the .godaddy top-level domain. This new, innovative namespace allows us to create simple, memorable web addresses for use by GoDaddy. We look forward to exploring new opportunities with this exclusive TLD.”

Looks like they had an idea to use it, but never did. 


GoDaddy has more than 70 million domain names under control, making it the biggest registrar in the world. It’s followed by its closest competitors Namecheap (11 M) and Tucows (10.6 M).

When we look at the extension statistics of GoDaddy, we see that it has almost 50 million .com domain names on behalf of its customers. That makes .com the biggest revenue source of the company in terms of domain registrations. .net follows it with 4 million domain names. The other extensions are: 

  • .org – 3.7 M
  • .info – 1.7 M
  • .ca – 1.1 M

According to our records, 46 million domains at GoDaddy are registered from the US. This is 66% of the total. But please note that GoDaddy’s Whois privacy service is using the US as a country. There are more than 12 million domain names registered with GoDaddy and use its privacy service, all of them would show “US” as Whois country regardless of the owner of the domain name. 

The second most domain registration comes from China. There are almost 4 million domain names registered with GoDaddy from China. India is following it with 2.2 million domains. Then Canada (1.8 M) and UK (1.3 M) come. 

More than 5 million of the GoDaddy domain names are for sale on various marketplaces. 1.5 million of them are listed on GoDaddy’s marketplace GoDaddy Auctions. You can see all domain names listed on GoDaddy Auctions on

According to, 6.8 thousand domains were sold for more than $100 each on GoDaddy Auctions in the last month. The monthly average was 6 thousand in the last year. (The domains sold for less than $100 are excluded.)

When we look at Alexa Global Top 1 Million Websites List, we see that 158 thousand of the domain names (~16%) are registered with GoDaddy. The most popular one is, an Indonesian news website. Here are the most popular 5 domain names registered with GoDaddy and their global ranks: 

  1. – 21
  2. – 102
  3. – 104
  4. – 117
  5. – 126

The oldest domain name registered with GoDaddy is created on September 30, 1985. It’s one of the oldest 100 domain names, and GoDaddy also hosts the other 10 of them. Here are the five oldest domain name registered with GoDaddy:

  1. – September 30, 1985
  2. – July 10, 1986
  3. – October 18, 1986
  4. – October 27, 1986
  5. – November 17, 1986

Many people search the Internet to know if there are GoDaddy promo codes. Yes, they still offer a GoDaddy discount code for .com domain registrations at $4.99. You can click here to see all GoDaddy coupons. 

GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar and growing every year with new acquisitions and customers. We’ll see if any of its competitors can catch up GoDaddy’s registered domain counts in the near future. 

What do you think about GoDaddy? Share your opinion in the comments.



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