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.XYZ Domain Extension: Generation X-Y-Z


.XYZ Domain Extension: Generation X-Y-Z

.XYZ, the seventh most registered generic domain extension (gTLD), is one of the first new gTLDs and now has more than 3.5 million registered domain names. 

The Story of .XYZ

.XYZ was officially delegated by ICANN as part of the new gTLD program in June 2014. LLC manages and operates the .XYZ extension.

.XYZ was officially delegated by ICANN as part of the new gTLD program in June 2014. LLC manages and operates the .XYZ extension. 

.XYZ is being marketed with the concept of “X, Y and Z Generation”. They say in their website that “Generations X, Y, and Z create a global community inspired by the Internet and its limitless potential. We are giving internet users -young and old, near and far- an innovative new platform to connect with the world in a whole new way.”

The sunrise period for .XYZ domain names began on 20 March 2014 and finished on 20 May 2014. On 02 June 2014, .XYZ became publicly available for registration. 

After Google’s parent company Alphabet announced they would use as the official website, .XYZ extension has become more famous. In May 2019, it reached 1 million registration. 6 months later, in November 2019, there were more than 2 million registered .XYZ domains. 

As of June 2020, .XYZ is one of the most popular generic domain extensions (gTLD) with more than 3.5 million registered domain names. 

Most Popular .XYZ Websites

Some of the most popular .XYZ domain names barely rank in the most popular 10k websites on Alexa.

Some of the most popular .XYZ domain names barely rank in the most popular 10k websites on Alexa. It seems that most of them are being used for non-legit purposes.

Among the most popular, there is a website that is legal and noticeable., listed in 10th place, is a B2B company that creates Android & IOS Apps. Indian based company was founded in 2015 and preferred the .XYZ extension. And also .com version of this domain is for sale.

(Most popular websites data was taken from Alexa.)

Most Expensive .XYZ Sales

The most expensive .xyz domain sale is which was sold for $181,720.
DOMAINPRICEDATE$181,72024 April 2016$175,16621 December 2015$125,00022 November 2015$81,74111 September 2015$70,00011 January 2016$65,45024 April 2016$59,41721 December 2015$46,20024 April 2016$42,81224 April 2016$39,42424 April 2016

There are 3. XYZ domains that sold for more than $100,000.

There are 43 3-letter domain sales among the domains that were sold for more than $1,000. 

7 of the most expensive .XYZ domains changed hands through  

There was a bulk sale on April 24, 2016, in which 39 sales transactions were made. Almost half of these sales were made at The remaining ones appear to be Private.

None of the 10 most expensive .XYZ domain names are being used actively. 4 of them are for sale on marketplaces. 

(Note: Domain sales data was taken from Namebio.)

Top Countries of .XYZ Domain Extension 

China ranks first in the list, having the most .XYZ registrations with nearly 1 million domain names.

China ranks first in the list, having the most .XYZ registrations with nearly 1 million domain names. The United States and Japan are following China with 733 and 590 thousand domain names respectively. 

China, where 28% of all .XYZ extensions were registered, ranks also first in .ICU and .TOP extensions. 

Most Popular Keywords of .XYZ Domains

The most popular 10 keywords of .XYZ domain names are online, news, shop, web, new, best, net, store, free, and now.

The most popular 10 keywords of .XYZ domain names are online, news, shop, web, new, best, net, store, free, and now. More than 5 thousand .XYZ domain names are currently registered with each keyword in the list. 

The keyword online in the list is common with the top 10 keywords of .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, and .BIZ extension. 

We excluded the stopwords such as the, end, of, my, for, in, by, to, on, etc.

.XYZ Domain Count by Years

XYZ domains registered each year

Every single day hundreds of .XYZ domain names are dropping (being deleted) because their owners don’t renew them. These numbers above are not the total .XYZ registration count for each year. The numbers show how many .XYZ domain names still exist, and registered in each year.

.XYZ Domain Count by Length

8 of the 36 single-character .XYZ domains are registered. 2 of them are for sale. The available single-character domains are sold at a premium price about $13,000/year.

There are 308 thousand registered .XYZ domains that includes only numbers;

  • 1-digit: 6 domains
  • 2-digit: 19 domains
  • 3-digit: 961 domains
  • 4-digit: 9,844 domains
  • 5-digit: 14,889 domains
  • 6-digit: 166,980 domains

Top .XYZ Registrars

Namecheap is the registrar with most .XYZ registration with more than 625 thousand registered domain names.
Namecheap625 thousand
GMO593 thousand
HiChina409 thousand
GoDaddy348 thousand
NameSilo278 thousand
West263141 thousand
West.cn134 thousand
NicProxy99 thousand
İsimtescil79 thousand
Xinnet75 thousand

Namecheap is the registrar with most .XYZ registration, more than 625 thousand registered domain names. .XYZ is the second most registered extension at Namecheap after .com. 

GMO, HiChina, GoDaddy, and NameSilo are following Namecheap with 593, 409, 348, and 278 thousand .XYZ domain registrations respectively. 

How Many of .XYZ Domain Names are Being Actively Used?

As you know, not all registered domain names are being used. 1.3 million of .XYZ domain names have active websites with at least one page. The remaining 2.2 million domain names are not being used. 

  • ACTIVE WEBSITE: 1,3 million (37.61%)
  • NO WEBSITE: 2 million (56.50%)
  • PARKED: 206 thousand (5.89%)

“No website” means the domain name is not resolving at all.

.XYZ Domain Names for Sale on Marketplaces

There are more than 30 million domain names listed for sale on several domain marketplaces. 96 thousands of .XYZ domains listed for sale on various marketplaces such as Sedo, GoDaddy Auctions, and Afternic. 

XYZ Domain Names for Sale

Internationalized .XYZ Domain Names

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) program allows registrants to register domains with non-Latin alphabet characters. 

There are 130 thousand internationalized .XYZ domains; about 4% of all IDNs and more than 3% of .XYZ domain names. 

The oldest .XYZ IDN is 保險.xyz which was registered on 12 July 2014, and it means “insurance” in Chinese. 

.XYZ Domain Name Disputes 

There are 268 domain dispute cases filed in WIPO that are for .XYZ domain names.

A domain dispute occurs when somebody claims the right to use a domain name that is already owned by someone else.

According to, there are 268 domain dispute cases filed in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for .XYZ domain names. You can see some of the .XYZ cases that companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Lego are complainants.

Where You Can Register a .XYZ Domain Name?

You can register your .XYZ domain name with almost all domain registrars. 

Here is the list of some popular domain registrars:

Register a .XYZ Domain Name

The seventh most popular generic extension (gTLD), .XYZ was first released in June 2014 and reached 1 million domains in May 2019.  As of May 2020, it has more than 3.5 million domains.  

Do you have any .XYZ domain name? Please share what you think about the .XYZ domain extension.



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  • This is amazing. I don’t know how you guys come up with this data. You’re always on point and I believe this blog will get lots of traction very soon. Thank you for this information.

  • I registered and last week. I love these combo because they are study/education inclined names and the .xyz extension can be easily related to education. Learning the ABCs to the XYZs.

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