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The King of Domain Extensions: .COM


The King of Domain Extensions: .COM

The King of Domain Extensions: .COM

The oldest and most popular domain extension is .com. It is also called the default domain extension of the Internet. We will cover the details about .COM, that has more than 151 million domain names which mean 42% of all registered domain names.

The Story of .COM

History of .COM Domain Extension

The first .com domain name was registered 35 years ago, on 15 March 1985. It’s also the first registered domain name, ever.

At the beginning, .com was being administrated by United States Department of Defense until 1991. Then it was started to be operated by Network Solutions. 

Domain registration was free until 1995. In 1995, a $50/year registration fee applied with a minimum of 2 years registration.

In 2006, VeriSign has become the registry of the extension, and been managing .COM since then.

In December 2011, the number of .com domains reached 100 million.

As of March 2020, with 151 million registered domain names, .com has more domain names than the sum of all other generic top-level-domains.

Because of the popularity and high acceptance of .com, more than 20 countries use “com” under their country code top-level-domains such as (Australia), (China), (Mexico) and (Turkey).

The Oldest .COM Domain Names

Oldest .COM Domain Names

These are the oldest still-existing registered .com domains we found by using You may also want to read our previous research about 100 Oldest Domain Names & Their Current Status.

Four of the oldest 10 domain names are still being used: 

Most Popular .COM Websites

Most Popular .COM Websites

Because we are talking about .com domain names, it’s not surprising that all of the top 10 most popular websites worldwide are .com.

If we look to see how .com took part on at the most popular 100, 1000 and 100,000 websites:

  • 70% of the most popular 100 websites are .com
  • 65% of the most popular 1,000 websites are .com.
  • 52% of the most popular 100,000 websites are .com.

(Most popular websites data was taken from Alexa.)

Most Expensive .COM Domain Sales

Most Expensive .COM Domain Sales

(Note: This list is not complete because not all the domain sales are reported. We also didn’t include some of the reported sales here. Domain sales data was taken from Namebio.)

There are 1,354 domain name sales over $100,000, and 1,147 of these sales, which is 87%, are .com.

Top Countries of .COM Domain Extension

Top Countries of .COM Domain Extension

The United States has, by far, the most .com domain registration. 38% of all .com domains, 58 million, are registered in the US. China and Canada are following the US with 8 and 6 million domain names respectively.

We should point out that Panama took the 4th place on this list because of whois privacy services. A few of the popular whois privacy services use addresses in Panama.

Most Popular Keywords of .COM Domains

Most Popular Keywords of .COM Domains

The most popular 10 keywords are group, home, online, shop, life, design, services, tech, art, and solutions. There are more than 450 thousand registered .com domain names for each of the keywords above.

Some other considerable keywords in the top 100 list are media, real, music, health, photography, travel, consulting, business, marketing, insurance, beauty, capital.

We excluded the stopwords such as the, end, of, my, for, in, by, to, on, etc.

.COM Domain Count By Years

.COM Domain Count By Years

*2020: As of 30 March 2020

Every day thousands of domain names are being deleted because of not being renewed. So, the above numbers are not the total .com registration count for each year. These are the count of registered and still-existing .com domain names for each year.

.COM Domain Count By Length

Length of .COM Extension Domain Names

There are only 3 1-letter .com domain names that were created before IANA’s restriction of single-letter and single-digit domain names registration in December 1993:


All others were created on 1 December 1993 and reserved.

Top .COM Registrars

Top .COM Domain Registrars

Godaddy is the company that has by far the most .com registration with 50 million domain names, almost 33% of all .com domain names. Godaddy is followed by Tucows, Alibaba, Namecheap, and Network Solutions, with 7.8 million, 5.8 million, 5.6 million, and 5.2 million registered domains, respectively.

How Many of .COM Domain Names are Being Actively Used?

.COM Domain Statistics

Not all 151 million .com domains have websites. 76.3 million domain names have active websites (with at least one page) and the remaining 75 million domain names are not being used.

  • ACTIVE WEBSITE: 76.3 million
  • NO WEBSITE: 49 million
  • PARKED: 25.7 million

“No website” means the domain name is not resolving at all.

.COM Domain Names for Sale on Marketplaces

There are almost 30 million domain names for sale listed on various marketplaces. 68% of these domain names are .com. That means 20 million .com domain names are for sale on the marketplaces such as Afternic, Sedo and Godaddy.

.COM Domain Names For Sale

99% of Fortune 500 Companies Use .COM

According to our previous research “Domain Names of Fortune 500 Companies”; 494 out of the Fortune 500 companies, which represent 99%, use domains with .com extensions.

Internationalized .COM Domain Names

As you know, Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), which was first introduced in 2000, allows us to register domain names with non-Latin alphabets characters. There are 1 million .com internationalized domain names and this is 33% of all IDNs.

The first .com IDN is 天堂硅谷.com that was registered in November 2000 and it means Silicon Paradise in Chinese.

.COM Domain Name Disputes

The popularity of .com domain names shows itself on domain name dispute cases. A domain dispute occurs when somebody claims the right to use a domain name. According to our sister website which presents all domain dispute cases filled in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), 71% of all domain dispute cases are .com domain names.

Where You Can Register a .COM Domain Name?

You can register a .com domain name on all domain registrars. Here is the list of some popular domain registrars:

  1. Godaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Network Solutions
  4. IONOS (1&1)
  5. Enom
  6. Alibaba Cloud
  7. Xinnet
  8. Google
  11. Namesilo
  14. 123Reg
  15. Dynadot
  16. Epik
Register a .COM Domain Name Now!

As a result, COM, “the default domain extension of the Internet,” continues to grow year by year. It was first released in 1985 and reached 100 million domains in 2011. Now it has more than 151 million domain names.

When do you think it will reach 200 million?



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  • During the past 1 year, the average .com sold for $1.5k while the average NEW TLD sold for $4.1k. Talk about margins!

    Average .com price has been falling when I weigh against 10 year; will continue to fall. Especially as the few remaining old ***** desperately work to sell their inventory for relative peanuts while the bottom falls out. .Com is saturated. Has been saturated. Sorry guys, no one wants a silly 2-3 word .com that isn’t memorable/meaningful. There just aren’t enough good names to support what’s about to come. Period.

    What happens when we have a billion websites? It won’t be a billion .coms… Perception is changing. People are using nTLD. Everyone is, google, amazon, they are all in this for a reason. I was just building Cloudflare edge workers, they’re using to run this huge leap forward… They’re probably ecstatic owning too. And guess what? No one needs to care except them. That’s where the value is, in one persons desire. I can give 1000 prime examples too, Google is all over it, they run .dev and have plenty of sites built on them, they’re using .new too… We all know this though, right?

    I am not betting against google, amazon, cloudflare, wordpress and more. These are the top players in the whole sphere. Who are you gonna follow, honestly? You just have to look, yea .blog (wordpress). Cloudflare, new registrar, also using nTLD. Amazon fighting for .amazon, they’re using nTLD too! I mean, there are 1000’s right under your noses. They have many that you probably haven’t a clue about!

    You want to peddle tarnished old copper? It’s a strip mine. .Com, all gone, market falling. Only bag holders if you buy now. Think about this! Wouldn’t prices be rising if the “shares” (decent names) were all held by investors? It’s not. It won’t. Sure there are big sales still, and there will be for a lil’ more while. But nTLD is eating .com’rs lunch and .com’er can’t do anything about it except ban comments/users that are into nTLD. Everywhere you look guys, it’s moderated propaganda to suit what their/their sponsors pocket books want. Trust me I’ve been banned from all over for smashing their fantasy and trashing their lies all night and day.

    Derp Derp. Most the other blogs would trash this comment because they disagree LOL. Click my name, see a bit about what I mean. Can’t stand me. They don’t like getting caught up in a web of my facts.

    • “Derp derp”. Very ‘clever’ response.
      So what is the reason to invest in any nGTLDs, if there will be “1 billion websites” & UNLIMITED choices?
      Keyword.Keyword is a terrible branding choice. How many brands do you see with a DOT in their name? With .com there is no need to include the “.whatever” because it is the default (Facebook not Face.Book, or Twitter is just one word).
      It’s the exact reason that people don’t use hyphens either, and there are plenty of those available for cheap, i.e. No one wants the hyphen in their brand name.
      Your examples of .dev, .one are behind the scenes, not for consumers (i.e. where the serious money is).
      Your .nGTLDs have even less value than .COM for your exact same reasoning (there is no need to spend money on a .nGTLD because there will be an infinite amount / “billions” of them).
      You’re suffering from “confirmation bias”, I’m afraid. nGTLDs are worthless because there are endless choices and Keyword.Keyword is awkward branding, like Keyword-Keyword (separated). KeywordKeyword is superior to Keyword.Keyword or Keyword-Keyword (where .COM is the best choice for all the above mentioned stats).
      “Click my name, see a bit about what I mean. Can’t stand me. They don’t like getting caught up in a web of my facts.” – And an obvious self-centered narcissist.

  • I’m legally changing my name, but using the formal form of my name, the squatter want three thousand dollars for my name. Luckily I own both spellings of my nickname with my surname, and I will not put them up for sale. Once I get my trade certification, I’ll use part of that business loan to pay for that domain, for business purposes, should the domain still remain available.

    • How can you deem the current registrant of the domain name a ‘squatter’ when his or her rights to the domain name are senior to any trademark rights you may or may not have in your new name that you just made up?

      Just because you suddenly dream up a new name doesn’t mean you are somehow entitled to the .com domain name that legally belongs to someone else who may have owned it for many years before your dreamed-up name came to your brain. I hope you apologize to the owner later for casting aspersions at him or her as a ‘squatter’ when they are clearly the legal owner with full rights to possess the domain name. Hopefully, they will take pity on you and not raise their price, which they have every right to do whenever they want and for whatever reason. After all, they don’t have to sell it to you if they don’t want to – they are the legal owner and can with it as they wish.

      • Nah, it’s squatting. There are plenty of people with the name who’d probably like to buy and utilize it who have the name, but $3k for a domain is ridiculous, that’s outside most people’s budgets for a virtual product. I’d spend that on something tangible, something of value I could always as use as collateral or security, but not in something that any hacker or even the registrar if they wanted to could steal from me. A thief would have to take some time physically getting my assets, a hacker mere minutes and no physical effort.

        • You clearly do not know much about the global market for domain names. I’ve paid $8,000 for a domain name before, and I’ve sold a domain name for $50,000. sold last year for $30 million. For the right domain name, $3,000 is a steal. Regardless, ‘squatting’ is a well-defined legal term related to pre-existing trademarks and your definition is not accepted by the domain name/intellectual property industry and its experts. You’re just emoting and whining because you wrongfully feel entitled to somebody else’s property when you have no legal or logical right to feel that way. Jealousy and envy are vices and sins. Repent!

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