Domain Names of Crunchbase Top 1000 Companies


Domain Names of Crunchbase Top 1000 Companies

Crunchbase Top 1000 Companies Domain Names

We have analyzed the domain names of Crunchbase Top 1000 companies to gain insight into their domain name choices. 

Crunchbase is a platform where you can find detailed information about companies worldwide.

There is lots of information in the Crunchbase database: investment and funding amounts of companies, founders and people in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news about the company, and industry trends.

Crunchbase has a ranking system and they explain it on their blog

“Crunchbase Rank is determined by an algorithm that takes into account the number of connections of a profile within the platform, the amount of community engagement, funding events, news articles, acquisitions, and more.”

On Dofo Blog, we are analyzing and evaluating some interesting lists on our blog from time to time. You can also read our analysis for Domain Names of Fortune 500 Companies.

Crunchbase Domains Statistics

The Crunchbase top 20 companies are as follows:

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Gojek
  4. Crowdcube
  5. Square
  6. Quibi
  7. Ant Financial
  9. Facebook
  10. Impossible Foods
  11. Xiaomi
  12. Credit Karma
  13. BuzzFeed
  14. Citigroup
  15. Klarna
  16. Robinhood
  17. Waymo
  18. Roblox
  19. Nokia
  20. GitHub

Countries by Number of Companies

Crunchbase Top Countries

The US, as you can see above, is the country with the highest number of companies (685) in the list. India is the second most popular country with 70 companies. The UK is the third with 62 companies.

Funding Amounts of Companies

Considering the company’s funding amount, the average in the top 1,000 list is $555 million. There are 404 companies that funded between $100M- $500M. The number of companies that have reached a $1 billion fund is 96.

Domain Extension Preferences: Of 85% is COM

Crunchbase Domain Extensions

When we look at their domain extension preferences, .com is the most preferred with 85% (850). The popular extension among startups, .io, follows .com with 31 domain names. .co is the third most popular with 19 domain names. Other following 10 extensions are: 

  • .ai – 13
  • .in – 11
  • .net – 9
  • .org – 7
  • – 5
  • – 4
  • .app – 3
  • .eu – 3
  • .xyz – 3
  • .de – 3

Domain Purchases of Crunchbase Companies

Crunchbase Most Expensive Domains

Some of the companies have purchased the domains they currently use from other people or companies. The highest sales recorded are as follows;

1 3,600,000 30 Apr 2014
2 1,000,000 26 Jan 2016
3 825,000 13 Aug 2017
4 375,000 01 Jan 1999
5 300,000 08 Apr 2010
6 300,000 30 Jul 2013
7 200,000 14 Jul 2016
8 180,000 31 Dec 2011
9 150,000 31 Mar 2011

Now, let’s look at the countries with the most companies in the list.

Domain Extension Preferences by Country


Crunchbase USA Domains

The US, as you can see above, is the country with the highest number of companies in the list. The first and second companies, Twitter and Instagram, are both in the US. What about the extension preferences of companies in this country?

The .com extension is ranked first with 88.9%, followed by .io (3.2%) and .co (1.6%).


Crunchbase India Domains

India, where many successful ventures have emerged recently,  ranks second with 70 companies in the general ranking.

.com is the top domain extension in India. But India’s country extension .in is ranked the second with 11 domains (15.7%). Others are .co, .fit, .bike and .club with one domain name.

United Kingdom

Crunchbase UK Domains

The UK, which is the third most popular with 62 companies in the general ranking, differs from the first two countries with other extensions.

Even though the rate of .com has decreased in preferences, it continues to be in the leadership position. As a second-level domain, is the second in the list with five domains. The third place is shared by .io and .co with four domains.


Crunchbase Germany Domains

Germany ranks fourth with 27 companies.

The most popular extension is .com, with 88.9%. The second is the country extension of Germany, .de, with two domains. .app is following with one domain. 


Crunchbase Canada Domains

Canada ranks fifth with 25 companies.

Companies in  Canada preferred .com with a rate of 92% (23 domains), and the rest 2 are .co extension. 

China and Israel

China has 16 companies, Israel has 14 companies in the list, and all of them preferred the .com extension.


Crunchbase France Domains

The last country we look in detail is France. There are 12 companies on the list. 

.com is the first with 9 domains. The second is France’s country extension .fr, and the third place is shared with two extensions .tech and .eu with one domain name.


In the remaining countries (31) there are 89 companies in total. 

The extension preferences of these companies are as follows:

  • .com – 62
  • .io – 5
  • – 4
  • .eu – 2
  • other TLDs – 16

Most Funded Companies

We will continue our analysis on 96 companies that have funded above $1 billion

Let’s take a look at the domain name preferences of these companies.

With a rate of 95.8%, .com is the leader (92 companies) Other extensions are included in the list with these domains (4 companies): 


The company, which is one of these three companies and also ranked 3rd in the list, chose the domain. .com version of this domain also belongs to the same company.

OneWeb, another company listed above, preferred .world extension. .com version of this domain belongs to a different company. is used by a Brazilian bank company called Nubank. .com version is not active.

SoftBank is a Japanese company that provides telecommunication services and internet products. .com version of its domain name is redirected to the main website,


Of course, companies’ concerns about being on the internet affect domain name preferences. Don’t forget that “Everything Starts with a Domain Name” 🙂  

  • .com, by far, is the most used extension by the Crunchbase Top 1000 companies. 
  • Extensions like .ai and .io are also used by some young companies.

What do you think about the domain name choices of Crunchbase Top 1000 companies?



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