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Don’ts of Choosing a Domain Name in 2020


Don’ts of Choosing a Domain Name in 2020

Choosing a Domain Name

A new project, a new brand or investment for your company. No matter what purpose you register a domain name for, there are things you shouldn’t do. We will clarify a few points you need to know about registering a domain name.

It is, of course, possible to see websites that launched and succeeded in contrast to the recommendations in this list, but you should pay attention to the following suggestions to choose the best domain name.

1- Avoid Domains That May Cause Trademark Infringement

Avoid Trademark Infringement

The first thing you should consider in order not to have any legal problem when registering a domain name is that it does not violate someone’s brand rights. If you are registering a domain name for your business, you cannot use the same trademark or a version that is similar enough to be confused in the same business area as you. For example, you cannot register a brand to provide a new search engine service called Gogle or Google.

Whether you keep the domain you have registered to sell or use later, that is, if you don’t actively use, you have to follow the same rules. Otherwise, companies that have legal rights over the brand may complain to international institutions such as WIPO and ADR Forum, and request the transfer of the domain name to them. For instance, in WIPO, dozens of dispute files are submitted every day and dozens of domain names are transferred to their rightful owners. You can visit to access current domain dispute files and results.

2- Don’t Register a Domain With a Number and Hyphen

Domains With Number and Hyphen

Domains with numbers or hyphens often give users an unsafe and unoriginal impression. Which of the domains look more reliable and more real: “”, “” or “”?

This case is valid for global businesses. In some countries such as China, it is known that domains with numbers are more popular. The similar situation is right for Germany; domains with a hyphen are popular. Domains with ‘.de’ extension that contains two words and a hyphen can be sold at a very high price, such as which was sold for $162,150.

3- Don’t Register the First Domain Name Come to Your Mind

Don't Register The First Domain

Another big mistake while registering a domain name is to register the first domain names that comes to your mind immediately. Doing some research and reviewing all possible options before registering or purchasing any domain name will help you make a more accurate decision. Therefore, gather all your options together and continue by eliminating them. While choosing your options, instead of just looking at available domains, you can consider the domains that are on sale at affordable prices on

After you have reduced your options to a reasonable level, such as 3-5 domains, you can register all of these domains. Thus eliminating the risk of being registered by someone else, you can allow yourself for a longer time to choose between these domains.

4- Don’t Use Unnecessary Limiting Words

Unnecessary Limiting Words

Do not use geographical or product-based unnecessary restrictive words within your domain. For example, if you are targeting to sell across Europe, stay away from a domain name that includes the name of the country or city you are in. Because limiting yourself in this way may cause your customers in other regions to have the wrong impression.

5- Don’t Choose a Wrong Domain Extension

Wrong Domain Extension

Even if your priority is .com, you can turn to other extensions in cases where you cannot get .com. However; there are some facts that you must adhere to while doing this.

If you are doing a local business, you can use local extensions, but if you are doing global business, using the extension of your country is a mistake. If you have decided to continue with one of the new extensions instead, make sure that the extension is relevant to your industry. Avoid extensions that will appear irrelevant and absurd to your users.

For example, if you are developing an application and you cannot get the .com of your application name, you can choose the .app extension. However, in such a situation, it would be not reasonable to choose an extension such as .info or .org.

6. Don’t Choose Too Long

Don't Choose Too Long

A shorter and clearer domain name is better. Do not choose domains long enough to make it difficult for your users to read and write. Unless it is indispensable, don’t exceed the 20 characters limit. 

For example, which of the following seems cooler to you?


7- Don’t Choose Names That Can Be Confused With Other Sites

Don't Choose Confusing Domains

Although no situation that prevents you from registering your brand, there might be another website being active with a domain name similar to the domain you want. If the other site is a well-known site, it may cause your users to be misdirected and thus lose users. For example, you don’t want to operate as when is still active.

8. Don’t Prefer Hard-to-Read Domain Names

Hard-to-Read Domains

Some words or phrases may be difficult to read or confused, even if you like them. Therefore; you can make sure that other people and potential users understand your domain name correctly when they first hear it, by using the “radio test” method. Call out your domain name to many people and ask them to write down what they hear. If many people misunderstand your domain name, you should not want to use that domain name.

Now you know what not to do when registering a domain name, find and register your domain name on



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  • I believe that top 2 extensions are .com .net .and the other extensions are not even the choices to go to.
    People should not put all the efforts on domain names. Incase .org, it has some kind of credibility. Using .org should be like abbr. of something such as

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