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Welcome to the most popular category of Dofo Blog: Statistics. In this category, we bring together statistical data and interesting topics. The first article we published in this category was “Domain Names of Fortune 500 Companies”. In this article, we wrote an article based on statistical data about the domain preferences of companies listed in Fortune 500. 494 companies prefer .com extension shows the general trend. In this article, you can also see the names of all these companies, their valuations, domains, and domain registration dates.

Another article that attracts attention is the article in which we analyzed the Crunchbase Top 1000 company. Another article was that we analyzed the domain preferences of more than 2000 companies invested by Y Combinator.

Unicorn Companies Startups Domain Names

What Domain Names Do The Unicorn Companies Use?

We analyzed 473 unicorn companies to understand their domain name preferences. These unicorns are from 29 different countries and 16 industries.  We looked deeply into their domain names to gain insight about what extensions are used most, how m...
Domain Names of Top Websites

Domain Names of Top 1 Million Websites

We analyzed the most popular 1 million websites worldwide. In order to understand the domain extensions, top keywords, and more, we deeply looked at the data. We haven’t used just a sample dataset, we used all the top one million websites data we ...

Everything About 2-Letter .COM Domain Names

.com is the most popular and valuable extension on the Internet. Every day, tens of .com domains sell for thousands of dollars. 2-letter .com domain names have a higher value than any .com domain and are popular because they are short and easily mem...
Domain Preferences of Y Combinator Companies

Domain Preferences of Y Combinator Companies

Y Combinator (YC) is a seed funding company that was launched in 2005. Since then it has funded more than 2 thousand companies including some popular ones such as Dropbox, Stripe, Airbnb, Reddit, Zapier, Coinbase, and Twitch. We have analyzed the...
Crunchbase Top 1000 Companies Domain Names

Domain Names of Crunchbase Top 1000 Companies

We have analyzed the domain names of Crunchbase Top 1000 companies to gain insight into their domain name choices.  Crunchbase is a platform where you can find detailed information about companies worldwide. There is lots of information in th...
Domain Names of Fortune 500 Companies

Domain Names of Fortune 500 Companies

We have analyzed the domain names of Fortune 500 companies, to gain insight into their domain preferences. As data were gathered, some interesting facts also got revealed. For example, 14 out of the first 100 registered domains are being used as the...