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At Dofo, we have been bringing a breath of fresh air to the domain industry since 2016. Since then, we are improving to meet your needs. We publish detailed analyses and interesting blog post regularly!
Crunchbase Top 1000 Companies Domain Names

Domain Names of Crunchbase Top 1000 Companies

We have analyzed the domain names of Crunchbase Top 1000 companies to gain insight into their domain name choices.  Crunchbase is a platform where you can find detailed information about companies worldwide. There is lots of information in th...
Namecheap More Than a Registrar

Namecheap: More Than a Domain Registrar

Namecheap is the world’s second-biggest registrar with 11 million registered domain names. It’s headquartered in the US and has more than 1000 employees. More than 2 million customers are using Namecheap.  Story of Namecheap Richard Kirke...
.NET Extension: The Second One

The Second One: .NET Domain Extension

.NET, the little brother of .COM, introduced in the same year as .com, .org and .edu, in 1985. We will cover the details about .net, which is the second most registered domain extension with 13.7 million domain names.  The Story of .NET T...
The World's Biggest Registrar

The World’s Biggest Registrar: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s biggest registrar by the number of registered domain names. It’s holding over 78 million domain names on behalf of its customers as stated on the about page. GoDaddy is headquartered in the US and has 14 offices worldwide....
Choosing a Domain Name

Don’ts of Choosing a Domain Name in 2020

A new project, a new brand or investment for your company. No matter what purpose you register a domain name for, there are things you shouldn’t do. We will clarify a few points you need to know about registering a domain name. It is, of course...