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At Dofo, we have been bringing a breath of fresh air to the domain industry since 2016. Since then, we are improving to meet your needs. We publish detailed analyses and interesting blog post regularly!

What You Should Know About Domain Status Codes

If you ever check Whois records of a domain name to find out what’s its current status, you should have seen the domain status codes. These codes are generally not that easy-to-understand. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to publish a blog...
.ICU Domain Extension

.ICU Domain Extension: Do You See Me?

.ICU, the generic domain extension (gTLD), was approved by ICANN in ICANN's New gTLD Program. ShortDot SA, based in Luxembourg is the registry of the .ICU. The extension stands for “I See You”. The Story of .ICU ICANN opened the new gT...
.BIZ Domain Extension: It's Your Business

.BIZ Domain Extension: It’s Your Business

.BIZ, the tenth most registered generic domain extension (gTLD), was approved by ICANN in June 2001 with other new extensions such as .info, .aero, and .name. .BIZ is one of the first new gTLDs and now has more than 1.6 million registered domain nam...
Domain Preferences of Y Combinator Companies

Domain Preferences of Y Combinator Companies

Y Combinator (YC) is a seed funding company that was launched in 2005. Since then it has funded more than 2 thousand companies including some popular ones such as Dropbox, Stripe, Airbnb, Reddit, Zapier, Coinbase, and Twitch. We have analyzed the...
Top Domain Sales April 2020

Top Domain Sales of April 2020

There are 6 domain sales over $50,000 and 99 domain sales over $10,000 in April 2020. The most expensive domain sale was at $91,183. 12 of the top 20 sales are .com and there are 2 country code domains in the list. We see five 3-le...
Interview with's CEO Macit Tuna

The Story of Dofo with Macit Tuna [Interview]

We’re starting a weekly interview series this week. We wanted to tell our story for a long time. So our first guest is someone we know, our co-founder and CEO Macit Tuna.  Macit’s former experience with domain names sparked the idea of dofo....